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About us ...

We are convinced,

society needs Room for dialogue and values!

With «ethik22»

build informed Perspectives  -  gain social ethical insights

on issues that effect our day.

We hear what people are saying ...

We HEAR people saying ...

  • "I don't have time to research the background facts on current issues." Regular guest (25) of a Restaurant in Canton Schwyz.

  • "I just don't see how the values I learned as a child fit in this complex globalised World." Woman (40+) on the train.

  • "Where and with whom can I engage in deeper discussion about the social ethical dimension of current issues?"  Diabetes Consultant (55)

We want to engage in DIALOGUE with you ...

  • about things that move and effect us. 

  • to build informed Perspectives on complex social issues.

  • to explore how to act ethically in our daily lives. 

Woman and Man in dialogue.
People building a house together.

We offer Room for Dialog in three forms:


«ethik22» eNewsletter & Magazin

Abstimmungs - Info & Neuigkeiten nicht verpassen!

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